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We have credible evidence of opposition sabotage – FG, Lai Mohammed.

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Posted on 18-May, 2019

In the cat and mouse game sensed to being played by the Federal Government and its opposition, the PDP and Atiku which have brought forth demeaning talks from both parties, with both parties not assumed to be not guilty, has led to recent talks from the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed.

The federal Government through its Minister Lai Mohammed have come forth with recent talks of having substantial and credible evidence against the opposition.

The federal government has said it has credible evidence to back up its recent claim that the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was planning to “sabotage the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, generally overheat the polity and make the country ungovernable”.

News Agency of Nigeria reports that the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed revealed this on Saturday, May 18 at the 2019 edition of his Annual Ramadan Lecture held at his home town Oro, Kwara state.

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Mohammed said: “As you are aware, a few days ago we raised the alarm that either by themselves or via their proxies, the PDP and it’s presidential candidate are doing everything possible to sabotage the Buhari Administration.

Our interventions are based on credible evidence, and no government with the kind of evidence that we have, of plans to subvert the power of the state, attack the nation’s economic live wire and generally unleash mayhem on the polity, will keep quiet.

“The security agencies are all alert to their responsibilities and will not sit by and allow anyone to reverse the gains of our democracy under any guise." The minister noted that similar alarms had been raised by the police, the military and the DSS.

He said the government will neither be distracted nor dissuaded by pseudo and partisan analysts that had teamed up with the opposition to “either exhibit their ignorance or to engage in red herring and name calling”.

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